Claim Medicare Before
Leaving Our Medical
Clinic in Sydney CBD

  • On-the-spot Medicare refunds using your Medicare and banks debit card in our special purpose EFTPOS terminal. No forms or visits to Medicare needed!
  • Student discount for patients with a valid student card. You will save $20 on your out-of-pocket fee for all appointment types.
  • Chronic condition management plans for conditions such as for asthma, diabetes, obesity, back or neck pain, stress or mental health are also bulk-billed.
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Private Health Insurance

Private Health

  • Overseas patients we can give you an invoice for the services you receive at our medical clinic so you can claim on your overseas health insurance.
  • Japanese patients we can assist complete “cashless” insurance claims directly from your Japanese health insurance company.
  • International SOS travel insurance? Contact the Sydney International SOS alarm centre, open 24 hours a day on +61 2 9372 2468 and ask to see one of our doctors at our clinic in the Sydney CBD.

We are a Private Clinic

At Observatory Tower Medical Centre, we believe quality of care is important. To address complex or multiple matters you may require a longer appointment. It is important to the doctors at Observatory Tower Medical Centre that you have the time to discuss your concerns and health needs. A gap fee facilitates this.

Because we are a private clinic, you will be requested to pay your full fee after your consultation. This is unless someone else has agreed to pay your fees, such as your employer, or it is bulk-billed through Medicare. We accept cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard or AMEX.

Your full fee depends on which doctor you see, and the length of your consultation. The out-of-pocket-expense for your consultation after you have claimed your Medicare rebate (on-the-spot) is generally around $65 for a standard consult.

Other services such as home visits, after-hours care, some tests and vaccinations incur an additional cost, depending on the service. Your doctor can discuss these fees with you.


As a private clinic, we generally do not bulk-bill except for the following:

  • The patient is 15 years or under, or
  • The patient holds a valid Commonwealth Concession Card, such as a Healthcare Card, a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, a Pension Card, or a DVA Concession Card.

Our doctors are also able to bulk-bill specially funded Government initiatives if the patient meets certain eligibility criteria, such as:

  • Health Assessments for patients aged 45-49 and 75+
  • Chronic Disease Management Plans and Reviews

Please ask your doctor if you would like more information about these services.

Payment of Fees

Consultation Length‘GAP’Full Fee
Level A (brief consult)$35$46-$68
Level B (standard consult)$65$86-$121
Level C (long consult)$65$103-$161
Level D (prolonged consult)$65$126-$200
Level E (extensive consult >1hr)$85$184-$313

Student Discount

For all students who present a valid student ID
upon presentation to the practice.

Consultation Length‘GAP’Full Fee
Level A (brief consult)$20$31-$53
Level B (standard consult)$45$66-$101
Level C (long consult)$45$83-$141
Level D (prolonged consult)$45$106-$180
Level E (extensive consult >1hr)$65$164-$293

Download Our Practice
Information Sheet

Find all the essential details to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience at Observatory Tower Medical Centre. Learn about Medicare rebates, navigate private health insurance, and discover helpful tips on how to prepare for your appointment, empowering you to make the most of your visit.

Practice Information Sheet
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